Lean Six Pack plan

Moderate calorie meal plan. Food options will be high protein & fiber. Moderate in carb.

For : Individuals with moderate physical activity / Intermediate intensity.

Focus : Develope lean muscle mass/muscle gain.

Avg. calorie : 2000 / day

149 INR /Meal*


High calorie meal plan. Food options will be high protein, carb, fiber and moderate in fat.

For : Individuals with heavy physical activity / Advance intensity.

Focus : Develope heavy muscle mass.

Avg. calorie : 2500/ day

149 INR /Meal*


Low calorie meal plan. Food options will be moderate protein & fiber. Low in carb.

For : Individuals with light physical activity / Beginner intensity.

Focus : Stay fit

Avg. calorie : 1300 / day

149 INR /Meal*

Focus Nutrition Plan

Nutritionist will design a customized plan with you, considering your food preference and schedule flexibility. The package includes food & regular nutritionist consultation.

For : Individuals with specific goal or clinical issues

Focus : Personalized goals, Food therapy

Avg. calorie : Customized

149 INR /Meal*

Keto Meals Plan

It’s a high fat, high protein and very low carb diet.

Each meal follows the tailored macros of your specific Keto meal. User can customize the number of meals per day.

For: Individuals with no, low or moderate physical activity.

Focus: Fat loss while keeping muscle mass intact.

Avg calorie: customized.

249 INR /Meal*


Combination of moderate protein, fat and low carb divided into 6 small meals to give your metabolism a hike.

For: Individuals with low to moderate physical activity.

Focus: Fat loss, weight gain.

Avg. calorie: 1500/ day

149 INR /Meal*


Take a break from eating gains and do a system cleanse to let toxins flush out.

For : Healthy indiviuals

Focus : detox & replenish digestive system

Avg. calorie : 700/ day

1 day plan : 890 INR (6 Bottles)